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Nervous about sending your originals through the mails to us?

We have been in business since 1983 and 40% of the work we do is mail order. We have never had a problem with clients work getting lost or damaged unless the packaging was inadequate. A large amount of the work we do is with museums and historical societies. Museums exclusively use FedEx, because they are sending artifacts they are responsible for, yet do not own. REGISTERED MAIL and UPS AIR are also very safe transporters, because the packages can be tracked.


If you are sending photographs, always include at the very least one piece, or better yet two pieces of corrugated cardboard. Even if the photo is mounted on mount board, this will not provide adequate protection. If you are sending anything with glass, you should wrap it horizontally with bubble packing and then another layer vertically. This should then be placed in a box filled with plastic peanuts. This method will offer maximum protection without adding much to the weight. Once again, the absolute safest way to ship your photographs is by FedEx or UPS. Don't worry about the extra cost of insurance, they will only pay for the actual cost of the photograph ($10 to $25), not what you claim it is worth to you. Instead, spend your money on the most reliable but more expensive shipping method.

If you are sending the package by U.S. Postal services, UPS or FedEx, send it to:

David Mishkin
Just Black & White,
95 Scamman Street,
South Portland, ME 04106

We do a lot of business with genealogists from New England to the Pacific Coast. Although many are nervous about sending work to us, they have tried to get the work done locally and found the results very unsatisfactory. Because of their disappointment and frustration, they have sent their work to us and have overcome their fears. In fact, one customer from San Francisco told us she brought her photo to a local lab to eliminate having to ship it. The lab in San Francisco sent it to another lab in Texas. It was shipped regular mail (not even certified) and was lost.

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