WHY SHOULD I SEND MY WORK TO YOU? I HAVE A CAMERA AND CAN MAKE MY OWN COPIES. Many people have a 35mm camera and can take snaphots of their family photographs. However, 35mm films were not meant to provide the quality that larger format films (such as we use) can provide. Even illumination, small image sizes and reflections are just a few of the problems you may encounter. Even if you are getting wonderful results making your own copies, Just Black & White is one of the only labs in the country that can provide outstanding results from very faded photographs. Sometimes it can become very expensive to have copies made of an entire collection of family photos. For those individuals that are able to make their own copies, we suggest that you do so and let us make copies of your faded photographs or any that did not come out well for you.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? SOME LABS MAKE ME WAIT 4 TO 6 WEEKS. This is a full time business for us, not a hobby or part time business. We have a full staff and we stand by our commitment to get all copy work completed within three (3) days. Restorations take more time.

I CAN HAVE THIS WORK DONE LOCALLY, WHY SHOULD I SEND IT TO YOU? We feel we can provide superior quality than other labs and we are one of the only labs that can give you outstanding results from very faded photographs. Some labs do not give you the negative when completed, forcing you to come back to them. We give you an archivally processed negative and want you to come back to us because of our quality and service. Also, did you know that just because you bring your work to a local lab, that does not mean that they do the work there? Many labs ship the work out because they can not do the work themselves or do not have the quantity to make it worthwhile.

MY DRUGSTORE DOES ALL MY COPIES FOR ME, WHY SHOULD I SEND THE WORK TO YOU? A couple of years ago we received a restoration request from a local drugstore. Apparently the original photograph was too large to fit in the work envelope so the drugstore clerk folded the original and stuffed it in the work envelope. When the customer got the damaged original back she was furious and brought it into us for the restoration. We tried to explain that the clerk is probably very knowledgable about the drugstore and the cash register and is probably an excellent employee. But that does not make her knowledgable about historical photographs. She was not being careless, she just didn't know and understand anything about the proper handling procedure for irreplaecable photographs. That is why it is so important to have the work done by experts in the field such as Just Black & White.

WHY IS YOUR WORK SO EXPENSIVE? All the work we do is custom and done individually, not by machines. This assures you of the finest quality. We can crop photos just the way you want it, add density or remove density, add or remove contrast. Also, you get to keep the negatives when the job is completed (not all labs give you the negatives) and they are archivally processed.


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