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Just Black & White is a photo lab that specializes in photographic restorations for genealogists, museums and photographic enhancements for genealogists. We are specialists at copying and enhancing faded salt and albumen prints as well as daguerreotypes, tintypes, ambrotypes or any other types. We are one of the only labs in the United States that can provide copies of your faded originals and make them look almost brand new.

When we have completed your work, we will return your original photograph, a copy print and the copy negative. We are also one of the only labs in the United States that will give you an archivally processed copy negative. This means that the negative can last 100 to 300 years if it is stored properly.

Just Black & White has been in business since 1983 and provides services for MUSEUMS, HISTORICAL SOCIETIES and GENEALOGISTS. In addition, we are proud to work with many individuals helping them to preserve their family photographic heritage. JB&W has worked with many professional photographers, magazine & newsletter printers, advertising agencies and other commercial accounts such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, L.L. Bean, West Point Academy etc. Currently, Just Black & White has two divisions located at the same address. The museum division works with museums, historical societies and genealogists to provide photographic restorations and enhancements from faded albumen prints and daguerreotypes as well as dark tintypes. The commercial division provides photographic services for photographers, advertising agencies commercial accounts, children photographers and those photographers needing Black & White prints for handcoloring

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Photo Enhancement
One of the only labs in the USA to perfect this technique. See examples.
Photo Restoration
How it's done, how it lasts, and how it looks! More examples.
SEPIA Toning
What it looks like and why you should consider it.
Tintypes and Daguerreotypes
A brief history and the differences between them.

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Frequently Asked Questions
You request...we respond. If you have a question it might be already answered here!
Tips from Dave on Photographic Preservation & Conservation
Nervous about SHIPPING?
How our clients send their precious originals securely and safely.
Developments: Our Lecture Series
We come to you! See how.
Our Story
A brief history of how it all started and who we are.

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Current Events!
We'll be letting you know all about current events, exhibits and trade shows!! Come see our work showing around the country!
Great Genealogical Resources
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Other Related Important Links
Some Genealogical or Photographically Related Sites That You Should Visit
Photographic Services For Museum Collections
We enjoy working with our museum clients and give info here about our special services for you!
Archaeologists Information & Services
High quality processing for those important projects.

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